Watch battery progress bar not showing on watch

So I was playing around with progress bars & had the idea to do a face that looks like the yellow smiley face with the smile being made up of two 90 degree progress bars for phone & watch battery. I was able to put it together & it seems to work great on the facer site. However when I push it to my watch the bar on the right side (watch battery) isn’t showing.

In order to get them to move in opposite directions I used the “reverse” button in the progress bar widget on the watch bar, not sure if this is related or not. I didn’t have much time to play with it last night & will try to test it out today to see if I can figure out what’s going on. But I’m wondering if maybe both bars are going clockwise & just covering each other. But anyway I figured I’d throw it out here in case there’s something I’m missing that one of the more experienced creators will know about.

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OK so I’ve finally gotten a minute to test this. It appears that it is the reverse function not working. Both bars are going clockwise despite one being set to reverse. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the bar go counter clockwise with some type of code?

I am happy to see if I can figure it out. Can you share your draft watch with inspection mode turned on? ( the link above is not working )

Wierd, I tried posting it again & I actually went ahead & published it thinking that may help.

What’s the trick of embedding it. I’ve tried the embed link both pasting it directly into my post or using the upload button I only seem to get the picture link thing.

Edit: never mind I figured out embed :slight_smile:

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Well since I published it it’s gotten 2 syncs & neither person commented that it wasn’t working right so maybe it’s just my watch that has the issue.

I too have problems with the reverse option not working. I have a work-in-progress face where I have both a regular circular and a reverse circular battery progress indicator. It looks great on the Facer website but on my watch (Ticwatch c2) both circles are going the same direction. Ideas anyone?

Sorry, I don’t immediately have any ideas. If you post a link to your draft ( with inspection mode enabled ) I am happy to have a look to see if I can figure something out.

Does this work? It looks correct here but not on my watch! Again, I have a Ticwatch C2 with Wear OS 2.7. Any help would be appreciated.

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As you say, the yellow progress bar does rotate anti-clockwise in the preview face image in the forum. If you enable inspection mode ( via the pull down menu next to the face in the Creator watch browser ) and then post the link to the face then i will have a look to see if I can see a problem.

Here’s the link to mine which is doing the same thing. It looks fine on the creator site, when you push it to my watch it goes back to rotating the same way it does without “reverse” being selected. After puling it up on the advanced tab it appears there is simply a checkbox that gets ticked when you press the reverse button. I was hoping there was a way to apply a negative value to something in the code to make the bar reverse but I’ve been unable to find it if it does exist.

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Sorry, the link does not work for me …