Watch brand and Facer satisfaction level

Hi everyone. Firstly, what a wonderful community you have here with so many people ready to assist and share.

I’ve been on Facer a while now and have, up till recently enjoyed the experience. A few issues lately with Facer launching an obviously untested update although I believe that is now mostly fixed. Then a few days where it seemed buggy and mostly unavailable.

That said My watch, Tag Heuer E4 Connected now goes into a boot loop when attempting to sync. I am unsure if it is a bug on Facer’s side or if it lies with Tag Heuer.

There was speculation that it was due to Tag moving to a customised version of WearOS however this has only occurred recently, and way after the update.

I’m still making faces, although I’m using my wife’s watch to test them on. I’m a free designer (so a low priority for them) as I only started this as a hobby to be able to change the, then limited, selection Tag had, however this has now changed with them releasing new faces.

So as the title suggests:
What watch is everyone using?
On a 1-10 rating (10 being the best) how would you rate your experience? (Clarity - The App, not the community as everyone here seems awesome. Its the lack of Facer presence that astounds me.

Thanks folk!


In the community…high ratings, a 9.5

I wish I could give a rating on anything else but after a year and a half, there has been zero interaction or feedback so it would be unfair at this point to rate anything right?

Actually, there is one thing that I suppose would constitute direct interaction with Facer which is the $5.99 they take every month that shows up on my credit card statement.

BTW, I have Tag Connected E1 and E2 modular which are all still kicking ass and running Facer with no issues. However, that doesnt matter since I cannot even update them anymore. :smiley:


Hi @richandgil
Watches = GW 1/3/5Pro. I have had aTicWatch. Horrible, a watch to forget. Never another one
Community = 10
Facer presence = 2
That’s all from my side


I have a GW4 Classic and used a Galaxy Active before . I am working on WFS right now as well . For the Active I was working on GWS . Now I have to update my WFS so I can Sync my work to my One UI5 updated Watch . A lot of my work might be incompatible .
I am having some HR sensor issues with Facer at the moment . But if I switch on my Active I can send Facer Faces to it . Swap the Facer Connection and I can send the same face to My GW4 .
So I will say WELL DONE Facer . I feel they are trying to keep on top of an extremely complex job to stay compatible with so many Brands .

I am Dissapointed that Facer Official and more Partners do not appear on the Community . It is a condition of Partnership . Thier rules . Slack was almoust exclusively Partners but that is Dead now . It seemed to go down hill after Andrei Passed Away .
But having said that I feel this community is unparalleled . The Official Face Book pages can get a bit silly .

So for me Facer 7/10
Community 9/10

WFS 4/10
Community 3/10


I have 2 Ticwatches Pro, one with Snapdragon 2100 (rather slow), the newer one with Snapdragon 3100 processor, and an Apple Watch SE (mainly for testing).

My ratings:
Facer: 8/10
Community: 10/10

WFS: 3/10 (could not find my way using it…)
Community: ?


GW4 Classic 10/10 - no issues at all with latest UI5 Update either.
Community 20/10 but yes, a definite lack of @Facer_Official here


Just to be a bit provocative here…
Which smartwatch is the best - well mine is!
It’s a prehistoric Armani Connected with a 24hr (sometimes) battery life. But it does what i want it to do. The battery life is not a problem - I get up in the morning put it on charge have my breakfast, drink my coffee and the watch is 100%. I can read messages, emails, make calls, ask google to tell me jokes, the watch also has the basic fitness bits and pieces, Facer works on it -what else do I need? This is my point - I’m never going to watch movies on it so - it’s a bit like you can’t tell me what a good wine is, because, a good wine is one that i enjoy. My old Armani is more than good enough for me and I will keep it as long as i can. What is the best watch? Well it depends…
I am not going to lower myself and talk about Apple fashion fads and so called snobbery.

While I am on a roll…

There are many complaints about the lack of Facer support- why would they bother when the people in/on this excellent, fantastic community are more than willing to help and advise for free?

Don’t get me wrong it’s a good idea to compare watches to find out the good, the bad and the ugly points, but rating them is always going to be subjective.

As far as Facer is concerned it’s THIS community that makes Facer the best and if only Facer would listen to us a bit more it would be truly fantastic!

So there!


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I have Samsung galaxy Gear S3 Frontier running on Tizen and meanwhile 3rd battery. I have very mixed feelings about facer. Same as my watch has mixed results with it.

While I like Facer, as for me the most convenient way of making watchfaces and pushing them on the watch, it still has some silly flaws which repeatedly emerge. Lets name few

  • battery drain, sometimes terrible, sometimes no big deal
  • glitch with frozen time, the face ocasionally simply wont move for like 10 seconds no matter what

The community forum is best thanks to members who share ideas and resources, there are also “challenges” now and then to learn from.
The missing presence of Facer is not only felt on the forum, where we have to wonder for days, whether something was bug or intended change, but also on the main pages, where while we are curated by bot, some people found a way around and keep their “branded” faces, some even place atop in the free charts, as if such were not only tolerated, but even supported.


If any one is going to hand out 10/10 it should be for this Topic as well . I wonder how soon this sort of Topic on FB would just become a Waste of Time. Nice one @richandgil .


I’m relatively new to Facer and late adopter of a smartwatch (Galaxy 6 Classic). My experience a few weeks in …

Community = 9. I’m looking for threads to interact on, but the community is fast to answer, so by the time I have something to add to a thread it is often answered. That’s a good problem!

App = 8. Very easy to learn. A few quirks - I wish there was better undo. I would like more variety of tags to pick up on newer watch capabilities (I don’t know how much WearOS presents for Facer to take advantage of, either.)


My review:
Disclaimer: 2 of my 3 watches were gifts from the brands so I had no say in their selection.

Moto 360 Gen 2: 8/10 Loved it until the battery quit at 2 years old and no way to replace it
Fossil Gen 4: 9/10 Loved it. USA Support was excellent when there was a hardware issue and they replaced the watch, but that watch’s battery eventually lasted only 2 years.
TicWatch Gen 2: 10/10 Better than the two above. So far 2+ years and doing fine, but I prefer Fossil’s style and USA support.

Community 9/10: Facer has a small staff. Facer is a business (something people who abuse it seem to ignore - a topic for another discussion). I would rather have the staff focus on software and customer service for people who have paid purchases needing assistance than spend work hours chit-chatting here. As you know, there is a process for reporting bugs. If a number of people report, you can be pretty sure the issue is being handled. Our premium designs have to go through testing and approval, so in many cases bugs are discovered that way as well. Regarding the free designs, for example, think about how many brands offer free support for their FREE products. They may have support communities, but those communities are often moderated by volunteers, so you are still seeing user-to-user discussions just as we have here.

Don’t get me started on the Facebook group. 0/10 I dropped out of there long ago. I have no use for rude, selfish, inconsiderate people. I enjoy this community and am thankful for the regulars here who have gone over and beyond to help members. We are lucky to have such gems with kind hearts! :heart::heartpulse::heart:

I forgot the numbers - had to edit a bit.


This part was Perfect :100:


I’m using the Google Pixel Watch. I rate the app 7 out of 10. I love the customizability of the app but the creator portion (what you use to create your own faces) seems a little bit limited and clunky (but ok when you get used to it). Also, it seems a little slow on my watch in two ways 1) when I change faces, it seems to take too long to load the new face, and 2) when I look at my watch, the face takes a half second or so to update from the last time I looked at it. In other words, I can’t just glance at the time, I have to wait a bit for it to update - that seems just odd. Granted, an extra half second of my life is not much but it’s just an annoying little thing that I would think could be fixed.

Overall, I like the app and I still use a face I created every day.


Amazfit Pace
Samsung Active 2
Samsung 4 Classic
Currently using Samsung 5 Pro

I was waiting patiently for the watch 6, skipping the 5’s when they came out, but when I looked at the 6’s, I could not justify them over the 5 pro with its amazing battery life. I also found that I didn’t use the mechanical bezel all that much so bought the 5 Pro and love it.

I have worked on a few different platforms, and have settled here on Facer because I like the fellowship, the comradery here. It’s nice to be in a place where you can get help and help others.

The creator is OK. 8/10
I understand that Facer is a company wishing to turn profits each year and they need to decide where to spend their money, but I wish new features could be rolled out more often. For example, I still can’t believe that we don’t have calendar/agenda access, and I don’t mean “shortcut access”. Watchmaker app has had this for many years. There are work arounds for many other things that would be nice to have, but there is no work around for not having access to something. I used to design faces with “the next calendar event” and it was really cool to have this at a glance without needing to go somewhere else.

Support 3/10
I think Facer should hire someone to be a PR rep with all the “inside information” that would allow him/her to respond in the forum to problems, changes, updates, etc. We are often time left in the dark and the only defense has been that Facer is working on other more important things or doesn’t have the funds to have someone address concerns. I would think that someone would do this for a small amount of money (think volunteer some time for minimal pay) - it doesn’t need to be a full-time job. There are so many here that are willing to help that I’d bet someone would want to do this. I think a lot of people get turned off when something isn’t working and there is no explanation or time-frame for fixes, and then they just give up and leave.

Forum 10/10
As one person said previously, there are a few people who respond so quickly to every new question, that others just don’t have a chance to help. Those with limited time and probably many who are partners likely just feel that they don’t need to help any further. It’s not a bad thing.

Lastly, I’ve read so many times that to be a partner you must be an active participant in the forums, but I’ve seen some partners just starting up that were literally unknown prior (many with just a few thousand followers). This is pretty unfair and very unfortunate as it goes directly against the stated guidelines.


Hello to all dear friends. I have gw4. Fortunately, I did not update it. But for the past months I had to press the Sync key several times for each sync to sync after maybe 20 minutes. I’m using the web version for design, maybe that’s the problem. The support response is very slow and several times they did not respond at all. Some of my followers also complained about the app not syncing on their phones and watches. My rating is 5/10

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Those may be the partners who have a presence on various social media channels (Instagram, for example). Facer staff participates on those, so they are as familiar with those designers and their work as if they had been in this community. Someone could have 100 followers here but 100,000 on his own watch face dedicated website or a social media channel. I think that line about “community” probably should have been stated differently or updated since it was written.


Hi, everyone,

  1. Watch is a Google Pixel (first one out of the gate - yes, I know; never buy Version 1.0 of anything). The good news is that I may be able to negotiate a nice trade when the Pixel 2 lands in a few weeks, but anyway:
  2. Community is wonderful - 10/10 - there are so many people here who are genuine programmers (which I am not - more like a card-carrying member of the copy and paste school). They are always happy to answer questions.
  3. Facer App - 8/10 - from the Creator perspective - there’s usually a way to figure out how to do almost anything, although I’m grateful for all the help from this Community.
  4. Facer App from the User perspective - 4/10 - slow update and STILL non-working step counter.
  5. Facer Support - 2/10 - occasionally they answer (mostly they do not), but it’s usually something useless like "we’re working with Google on that . . . " That was a reasonable answer when just getting started, but it’s been a year already.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of Wear OS faces available from the Play Store; but I’ve just never found anything I like as well as the Facer ones - mine and others - so I always go back to Facer.

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Much respect to you for being one of the only Creator Partners who engages here on a regular basis.

In my opinion though, all the guidelines need to be re-written and clearly stated regarding Creator Partner qualification so that we can actually go out and do it since what we’re doing so far isn’t the right way obviously. If I need to go out and get 100k followers somewhere else then I shouldn’t be spinning my wheels here thinking I have done all I need to do and just be “waiting by the phone”. It’s pretty disheartening to see no one getting promoted from within these days.


Yes stated differently is an understatement as it clearly says active and constructive member of the Facer community. Those new partners have not been constructive to our community in any way and probably never will. SEE BELOW:

  • Your watch faces must have received at least 5,000 syncs in the past 30 days.
  • You must have created at least one collection of watch faces showcasing your own designs.
  • You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community.