Watch build in action [unnamed]

Thought you’d like to watch it unfold.
uh… I’d like to watch it too. Not sure what’s gonna happen next :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I have some rough ideas but nothing completely ironed out yet.

More cutting lines with a 10px stroke

cut lines and layers

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This pattern clean-up and bevel looks kinda cool for … something. Buttons maybe?

Getting a little “death star” looking


So far, so nice…


I would mirror it horizontally, will look more positive…

thanks @GAUSS. Let’s see where things layout after the numerals are in. I kinda wanted everything to be non-mirrorable. nothing symmetrical so to speak.

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That‘s not what i meant… asymmetric is good. I think you should flip it, for that the small circle is above…

LOL sorry still don’t follow you @GAUSS. A, B, C, or D? (horizontal and vertical flips)

I did see a face already that is similar to B that I got the idea from. Trying to stay away from B.

Lol. I meant version with letter „D“ for a more positive look. :slight_smile:

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