Watch compatibility and resizing watch faces

Are the Facer developers planning to add a feature that allows us to customise and resize paid watch faces so that we can fit them to our own watches?

I have an Oppo watch 46mm and it just sucks that I can’t use 99% of the amazing faces from the Facer app.

There’s so many that I want to use, most of which I would pay for.

Instead I’m forced to only use faces that have a black BG, don’t have any “edge graphics” and are not squared.

It just seems to me like it wouldn’t take much to make background colours able to “fill” or “fit” onto our devices dynamically or simply just have basic resizing options for the backgrounds (this would mean making them fit without stretching the watch faces). This would at least allow like an additional 70% of faces to be used my more device owners than the standards used here.

Please consider something like this or at least tell us if this is something planned.
I would happily pay for premium to support you guys and I’m sure many others would too.

With the free Oppo watch claims made over the past 2 months by new oppo device owners through their own claims site, I’m pretty sure it would bring a handful of new Facer supporters.

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Welcome to the Community @terryboxer and congratulations on getting your Oppo Smartwatch, Oppo are a really good brand.
Unfortunately the majority of Creators here on Facer do not bear in mind that there are other Square Faced watches out there besides Apple, but some of us do. I myself make faces specifically for a square audience now and then, and @mrantisocialguy (a link to his profile) usually makes his Faces compatible with both circular and square faces (all of our Faces are Free as well). If you would like to make a request for a particular kind of Face you’d like, please feel free to do so, obviously stating what kind of info you’d like displayed or to avoid.