Watch design removed due to CHOPARD copyright

So I designed this watch face today, similar to a lot of other faces I have designed and it was automatically removed due to copyright for “CHOPARD”.

Now this sure doesnt look like a Chopard brand watch. Even the missing GIF file wasnt related.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Any idea how I can speed up the Appeal Process?

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Hmmm, maybe the automated brand violation search and destroy unit is a little bit to triggerhappy…

Did you use a somehow similar word in your description?


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I thought about that with my hashtags and Nope. Nothing even close. Unless you count the word Hart. Either way I just want in unblocked. Any idea how long it would be before I can access it again? Really dont feel like recreating it. Even though it’s just a simple design.

Hi @marco1976 - this is likely indeed a false-positive from our automated system. Make sure you appeal and somebody will review the issue and re-activate the face if it’s confirmed. Cheers!

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Thanks. This is gonna effect my 30,000 syncs in 30 days goal though LOL…:wink:

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I was merrily designing away all night, throwing the provisional watch face to my wrist every half hour for a live check and when I finally publish/submit…it’s gone. I get the whole risk-averse AI based copyright automation, but do I not get an opportunity to fix what the system deems a violation? The face is gone from my working area completely. How do I get it back…anyone?

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Just reply to the email that you received when you were notified. Include your explanation.

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Thanks much, Linlay.

You are most welcome, jack.