[Watch Face] A very simple (and elegant one)

This time I tried a very simple thing: my wife said to me if I could design a simple and elegant watch with an arabesque decoration or similar, so I run into a nice background design and I draw this simple one, with a little bit of non-usual thing: the mandala is not centered, is only on right side, and so are the hands, on the left. It reminds me a rising sun, and so I called this watch face. I know it’s quite simple but, as always, all comments and suggestion are appreciated.


nicely done! I like a good clean layout like this. The mandala is very cool, is that your work too?

HI, thank you!

No, the background mandala comes from freepik.com, made by visnezh (https://www.freepik.com/vectors/background). For using it I just have to give attribution and so I did in the watch face description (I forgot to mention it in the first post so I did it here :wink: )

Nice work KingDavid, cool in its’ simplicity :+1:

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I’ve updated the background: due to misleading terms of use of freepik site, I preferred to change it: I’ve done one mandala by myself… for the first try it has a good look! :smiley: Let me know what do you think about it :wink:

It’s ok, a little bare for my liking sorry, but it’s ok

It’s ok :wink: if drawing mandala was so simple I have never took a chance to find a free resource, so it is quite honest to say that it is a little bare. And I’m no mandala magician, so getting it in only one day for me is miraculous! :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway I’m trying to increase size of it and it should be a little better. :sweat_smile:

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Great job Sir

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What about some free ornament makers? Maybe it can speed up the process. I made this random example in about minute or two obrázok

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Yes, the basic I use was similar to yours: I’m using Krita that has the capability to replicate a schema in a radius, but I wanted to recreate something of the kind of the one I saw on freepik, something between floral and sun beams… I’m no expert but from what I see a mandala isn’t only a decoration based on replication; it’s not simply the technique: I just wanted to create something with a schema. I’m quite satisfied anyway, even if I know I can improve.

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I’ve given a final update to this, changing the background to something more… golden :wink:

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