Watch face acting weird

Hi all,
I recently published a face that works fine on my watch fossil gen 5 but my mate tried it on his fossil gen 4 the explorist but it has a load of black lines emanating from the centre.

I don’t know what is causing this or how to fix it. I have tried republishing it, reorganising the layers, removing the background and tried it with a older version of the face. Unfortunately all of them give the same result. Hopefully with your help I’m able to fix it so all ideas are welcome. Thanks.

I just synced it to my TicWatch E, which is dumb and hates a lot of fancy elaborate code, but it’s working fine on it. I’ve also synced it to my Galaxy Active 2 and it’s fine there also. You might consider opening up inspection on your face so we can take a look at the coding of it. You also might want to have your friend turn off his watch, let it stay off for a few seconds and then turn it back on. I know Facer sometimes will crash if you don’t restart your watch ever so often. I just make a habit of turning my watches off when I charge them.

Yeah it is probably just one of those things that happens without any real reason why. I know some faces just don’t cooperate well with the fossil series for some reason. Thanks for trying with the different watches anyway.

I suppose you tried rebooting the watch?

Try to resync it, perhaps there was something wrong and resync will fix it

Thanks for all the suggestions but unfortunately nothing seems to work. He’ll just have to use some different faces and I hope nobody else experiences this problem.