[Watch Face] Amazing Solar System

Most of you guys here post amazing artwork and skills here. This watch face is not that, so may not be popular here. But I do have some followers that like this stuff, as do I, so here it is. It is a spacey science themed face. It displays one of 10 amazing images or gifs of an object in our solar system - a new one every minute. Effectively feels like a random image/gif whenever you look at the time. I hope it is inspiring and amazing at once, and a distraction from the squabbles of earth.

Thanks to the brilliant teams at NASA, JAXA, Roscosmos, JPL and others who put together the missions, did incredible post processing, and put these images into the public domain.

Minute 0: Comet P67 from Rosetta spacecraft of the surface of the comet.
Minute 1: View from the Philae lander on the surface of Comet P67, with comet dust flying all around.
Minute 2: Blue sunset on Mars from the Perseverance Rover.
Minute 3: Flyover the surface of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft.
Minute 4: View of Titan from the Huygens Lander as it touches down.
Minute 5: Surface of Venus from Venera 13 Lander.
Minute 6: Aurora of Jupiter from Juno spacecraft.
Minute 7: Snow / water geyser spraying from Enceladus as seen from the Casini spacecraft.
Minute 8: Giant salt spot on Ceres as seen from the Dawn spacecraft.
Minute 9: The surface of the Ryugu asteroid as seen from the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft.

Warning! This takes some time to install on your watch, as it has lots of data in it.


Fantastic set of images there. I do like the window shape. Slight overlap on the text to the right in the cloudier wether but it us still visible. It’s one of my main failings not to check all weather conditions for spacing. Plenty of room for that digital to nudge right a bit (maybe not plenty with the font, just seen the seven, but some). Still damned awesome.

We have nuclear powered laser tanks on Mars!

One of my favourite quotes from the early curiosity hours is “I don’t know which is cooler, that I am watching footage from Mars, or that I am doing it on a mobile phone, in the desert, 150 miles from the nearest city”

My absolute favourite internet quote of that time was after the first sunrise shot and people saying how beautiful it was until someone piped up “I didn’t know Mars even had a sun”


That’s brilliant Brad, very well done, and even love the Font you’ve used for the Time :clap::+1::sunglasses::artificial_satellite::milky_way::rocket:


Thanks guys, appreciate it. Glad I got the sun right on Mars! :smile:


Great Work. Education on your Wrist. :slightly_smiling_face::medal_sports: