[Watch Face] Another sun/mandala watch face

Hi everybody, I’ve tried another mandala face, looking at it as it was another position of the sun: the sun at noon. And… thinking about a future collection :wink:

Again, it is simple and quite elegant; this time the analogic clock has numbers and the info of the number of the day in a small “pearl” on the low-right side.

As for the first, the mandala in the background is a transparent vector design created by visnezh (www.freepik.com, attribution required for every use); I’ve put a self-made gradient on the background and the “pearl” for the actual day.

As always, I appreciate any suggestions of yours :wink: Let me know!


That’s pretty neat actually, it all works really well just as it is :clap:

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Thank you!

That’s very pretty. Do you think it would be a good idea to check with FreePik to make sure you can use their file as a main image in your watch face? I know they require attribution, but they may also have other guidelines.

That’s what I read: free use (even for commercial) with attribution… I don’t like to use other’s works, I would have liked more if I had my work and I’m truly interested in learning how to do these mandalas on my own… But my time is not so much and for now I’ll use them. I’m pretty sure it is ok in this way but I’ll check again. If you notice something different, please let me know! Thank you!

This is all I can find regarding that. As I read it the images can be used as a free image for personal use but not on anything for sale. Do you suppose watches are considered “clothing”? Considering that Facer is a business, even though it is a free watch face, maybe it would be best to email the image site to ask.
At least you are giving attribution so you are safe there. Please post back if you receive a reply from them. It will help other members here as well.

I found that the info on freepik site are quite misleading… when you get into the resource, as you can see on the link below, it is said that the resource is “Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution” (for me commercial use = you can sell anything with that resource…) and if you click on “more info” link, you can find:

" License summary

Our License Allows you to use the content

  • For commercial and personal projects
  • On digital or printed media
  • For an unlimited number of times and perpetually
  • From anywhere in the world
  • To make modifications and derived works

*This text is a summary for information only. It does not constitute any contractual obligations. For more information, please read our Terms of Use before using the content."

Indeed, when you read the whole terms of use, that is what is real asked, it is reported that it cannot be printed on tshirts and dresses and can not be use in material sold. These are two different informations, and the first read by a new user is that “commercial use is allowed, just give attribution”… very misleading.

So, that’s what I decided: I’m learning how to draw a mandala by myself with software like Photoshop (I’m using Krita, quite similar), it seems not so difficult, surely not a quick “draw and go” but it is interesting anyway. I’m taking down the backgrounds I’ve used up to now leaving a no-mandala background, until I finish my work. In this way I’m sure I’m not misleaded by any ambigous direction given by that site.

Excuse me if I won’t go ahead with asking by email and something like that, I know it would be useful for the facer community. But for what I’m reading it seems quite difficult that the simple attribution could be enough… as you said it is right to think that a watch face can be seen as a “wearable” thing, even if the ones I created are all free and I’m not getting any money for me.

Thank you for your interest, anyway!

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Update: I’ve done with my first try of a self-made mandala. Probably it’s not perfect, but I think it’s a good start.


very nice