[Watch Face] Atomic Weight Clock

Atomic weights of the periodic table elements indicate the time in two active models of the atom. The symbol of the element is at the top, along with the element’s name below the atom model.

In the model of the atom, the number of electrons orbiting the nucleus is accurate to the atomic number up to 12 electrons per atom. Above that the model shows the randomness of electron location as they are harder to follow and start to scatter. When the hour or minute is represented by a zero, a singularity occurs.

Note: 24 hour mode is great on this face, as you get more variety of elements in the hours, and you get lots of electrons zipping around. Lower time numbers such as with hydrogen and helium, have fewer electrons and isn’t as exciting.

Basic information of current weather condition, location, date, steps and battery level are at the bottom.

Inspection mode is on.


Good idea, I like the “orbiting” electrons. :+1:
Maybe check some long names, they tend to collide in the middle (12:59).

Thanks @petruuccios, yeah praseodymium is rather long and overlaps with everything. It is the only real culprit. I made some changes to avoid that overlap going foreward.

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That’s great Brad, I can see May The Fourth was definitely with you yesterday :joy: