[Watch face] AZ027 Circular

While browsing a very known Chinese Internet shop, I’ve found myself going down a rabbit hole of checking out different cheap smartwatches that I don’t need, just curious what you can get for the money.
I’ve barely noticed this smartwatch at first but then its face caught my attention:


No point in spending $50 on a cheap smartwatch just to enjoy the face. We’ve got Facer instead, don’t we? Let’s try it out :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, I feel like it still needs a bit of polish, definitely need to move the battery more to the center (originally supposed to say “BATT” like in the original but I decided to replace those with icons).


Looks quite good, almost like the inexpensive “original”. :sweat_smile: :+1:

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Nice job Akar :clap:
I agree that the Battery would be be better centralised, but also, what about adding some kind of metal texture to inner circular part under the time? I cut one of mine into a circle for you if you want to see how it looks -


I like the clean separation of time from the rest of info. Maybe the black area could be little narrower and infos on side maybe somewhat bigger, but not necessary. I also like the font you used. Could I get it somewhere too? Did you place each digit as separate field to make them “circular”?
What about making progress arc above the battery %


cool, i like doing replica of those cheap watches, in that case for me you have to keep focused on the big hours digit, it has to be bigger and at center with leading zero so the stripes are alway visible, minutes can be smaller, and about battery i would use only numbers not percentage,but its all to you


I’ll work on the battery when I’m done cleaning for the day :slight_smile:
Hope you don’t mind I save the texture for later but for this face, there’s one obstacle - the stripes that obscure the time are there in place, they would be clearly visible xD
Maybe if I put time as images…

Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:
I could make the font bigger but it’ll get wider as well and September already barely fits, haha. Although I think the rest can be enlarged somewhat, need to work on it, good suggestion, thank you :slight_smile:
The font is called Bitsumishi Pro and I bought a whole package. Not something I often do since I don’t make any money out of these faces, but I liked that one too much to just pass. If you want it, let me know, I’ll send you a link where you can check the price and decide if it’s worth it :slight_smile:
Digits are placed separately, just like you say. Forgot to enable inspection, you can peek under the hood now :smiley:
And I like the progress arc above the battery, will incorporate that, thank you x2 :slight_smile:

That was my plan all along, to put the zero in front, but I would have to resign using #Db# tag and then start fiddling around with 12/24h fonts, all because the font is not centered and there’s a huge difference between 0 or 2 (very wide) and 1 that is just very narrow. You can check for yourself, change the tag for hours and check out how much zero jumps right at 21 hours and how far it goes back left at 22 or 23.
Still, I think I’ll try and figure it out cause you’re right, would definitely look better. Let’s see what I can do :slight_smile:

Thank you all for commenting, your ideas are greatly appreciated =)

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You are welcome, thanks for hint.

looks nice! but what is with the zeros in front of the temp and battery percentage? It seems a bit awkward to me. Not as big of a deal with HR and steps, though I’d probably do away with all of them. I like how clear the time is in the open center space.

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In fact, the design looks very sporty and intellectual at the same time…
the combination of red, black and white, makes it have a good harmony …
The numbers, well chosen for this design !!!
Gizomo’s idea … is also a good one with respect to using another background …
But as it is … everything is also very balanced,
minus the battery !!! :grinning: :wink:

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Yeah, those zeroes… The only way to make the steps follow the curve is to separate each digit, which means they need to now have calculations, and those return zeroes. I think I can work around this and make them disappear unless tens, hundreds or thousands rows are needed. I like how visually it fills the space regardless of how many steps you’ve actually made but I’ll give it a shot and see how it looks.
Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

@cardozo198013 - thank you, JD! Yeah, battery needs a slap to put it in its place :smiley:

Alright, back to work now :smiley:

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I tried to use like 20% instead 0 opacity on the leading zeros. Cant decide what I like less, the long gaps, or the unnecessary digits

Same problem here :wink:
EDIT: One could argue they’re actually necessary - for symmetry, haha.

I’ll sleep on it. Battery bar is incorporated, hours now have leading zero. I gave a bigger font a shot but it felt too cramped and close to other elements. I think I’ll keep the current size as it matches date font and overall feels like is on par with everything else. Fresh set of eyes tomorrow may help :smiley:

I’ve worked out a few issues and I think it’s as good as it’ll be.

The leading zero was solved by adding odd zero that just appears between 1 and 9 (AM and PM). Since 1 in this font is so narrow, I’ve solved a gigantic gap at 01 hours by moving the odd zero to the right if Db is 1 so it now looks more natural. Had to do it if I wanted the face to work in both 12 and 24 hours mode, otherwise - with DHZ and DhZ tags - there was no way to switch between the two modes in face’s settings. On my watch, changing system time between 12 and 24 made no difference either so employing the odd 0 layer solved all the issues.

I’ve also:

  • added different stripes to obscure the time; they’re universal in size, narrower and more condensed and I like the effect better than the first attempt;
  • made battery level turn red at 20% and below;
  • decided to leave empty zeroes for steps, battery and heartrate at 20% opacity - no more empty spaces and there’s more symmetry now regardless of value;
  • left temperature with disappearing hundreds zero - that’s because in Celsius, sooner or later there will be minus there or at the tenths position; pity you can’t test negative temperature values in Facer…
  • fixed a small positioning issue on the AM/PM/24 indicators that seemed to slip.
  • tested location text below time but it seemed to ruin cleanliness of the face so removed it.

Time to press the PUBLISH button :smiley:

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Is this a copy of a chinese copy? Ha ha! But seriously, I like the face. Very clean & clear & the numbers are nicely contrasting. Perfect.

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I like this watch face, I believe the background from @icritd4 is a good thing for a more aggressive watch face.