[Watch Face] B# - Hammer Time 🔨

last of the recent releases… This calendar design gets it’s name from the dial texture which was my attempt to create a hammered precious metal look. It has the usual calendar info of day, date and moon phase along with a battery dial. There are 5 color schemes, and the outer minute/seconds tracks can be hidden which makes for a very different look. Standard B Sharp Hybrid Mode and lume glow after sunset in AOD also included.

***make sure you check the watch guide pics for TAP instructions and more info.

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Yet another nice Face, I especially like the background textures, you certainly achieved that Hammered look you were aiming for kvansant Sir :clap:

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thanks! It’s the kind of thing where even it isn’t 100% convincing as hammered metal, it still looks pretty interesting so it’s ok :slight_smile:

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I’m not criticizing, looks more a hammered metal than I could ever do :wink:
I like the bronze-like version, looks really elegant and expensive.
Wondering what hammered copper would look like on this face.
Great job, as always!


I like the texture. I would even if you called it cork wood.


thanks! Yeah copper would look cool too. Copper is tricky, as is gold and bronze. Because the range of hues is so wide and dependent on light. When you see a photo of gold you see a rainbow of yellows and the extremes of white white and black black. It’s always a struggle to make gold look dynamic and not too yellow. Copper is the same way. Bronzish is a little easier because it’s usually not as shiny and so the range is smaller. I recently released a copper version of a face I call The Duke. But even that maybe is a little too yellowish to be a realistic copper. But… it’s always fun to try. I think I have the most success with rose gold of all those metals. Silver is much easier I think.


Rose Gold is always a winner my friend :+1: