[watch face] B# - Hexagon 💢

Here’s an original watch design that evokes the design language of some older pocket watches but also a lineage of wrist watches from a particular well known luxury brand. I mainly felt like making some custom roman numerals for the fun of the graphics side of it. These are not a font, rather created from the line and polygon tools and lots of layer masking in photoshop.

I included the customizations of 4 base plate textures/colors, and three dial colors which can all be mixed and matched. There’s also a Hybrid mode which I think looks pretty cool juxtaposed with the otherwise classical aesthetics. This is one I wore quite a bit because it just looked so good on the watch, I hope you’ll enjoy too!

***make sure you check the watch guide pics for TAP instructions and more info.

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Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


That’s a neat watch face. Would be even neater if a hex-shaped screen smart watch existed :smiley:

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A hex smartwatch would definitely be a big seller! :smile:

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Innovative but also super elegant. Love the contrast in the negative space.

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