[Watch Face] B# - Hybrid 12 🕛

this 12th in the Hybrid Series continues to evolve the design styling of Hybrid 10 and 11. The brushed black dial indicated analog time and battery level, and there are 3 hybrid screens to display the essential smart watch info. You can choose from 10 colors for those screens or choose Stealth Mode to kill 2 of the 3 displays. Further customizations allow the outer “tracks” to be hidden which may be more compatible with your smart watch case, or you might just like the sleeker look.

There’s a lot of taps here with the customizations and app launchers, so there is a screen lock to prevent accidental taps. There’s also a tap guide overlay which will pop up after tapping the lock twice to help you remember :slight_smile:

The hands can be parked out of the way if needed, and lastly there is a cool lume that glows only after sunset in AOD.

***make sure you check the watch guide pics for TAP instructions and more info.

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Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Not bad for a noob amateur :joy: That Lume gets me every time, nice work :clap:
Oh, I like the Stealth Mode as well, I’m not a lover of all the extra info being on display.

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Very nice like always. :+1:
(in stealth mode I personally would rather have date than redundant time)


Thanks guys. I agree with both of you :slight_smile: I’m not a fan of all the digital info on display all the time, which is why my usual method is a selectable hybrid mode. Also I think date would be more practical for stealth mode, but this is a case where I’m kind of catering to user feedback. I get a lot of requests for adding digital time, it seems to be important to a lot of users.

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