[Watch face] - B# Masterpiece FREE

Any lover of watches surely must know of Breguet and George Daniels and the massive influence they had on all independent watchmakers who followed. Kari Voutilainen, FP Journe, Roger Smith, Urban Jürgensen, Garrick, J.N. Shapiro are just some of the more prominent makers who started with their take on the basic mold of the classical Breguet style which showcased intricate hand made engine turned guilloche dials.

This face is the B Sharp interpretation of the classical hand made watch. The joy in this project is the details which are all “hand made” from scratch in PS. I included power level and date in mine because those are essential elements for me.

Coming soon (or already out, depending on when you read this) is a full featured premium version called “Make Your Own Masterpiece” where nearly every element is independently configurable so you can design your own classical dial :smiley:

Check the preview pics which show the features of the PREMIUM version. There’s also a demo video you can see in the app or by opening the watch face page in a browser.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches
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