[Watch Face] B# Quadrant

one to kick off the weekend! This design began with only 2 things in mind. My first thought was I wanted to use a similarly detailed brushed border frame as I did on the Retrograde face I published last week, then to have something to frame, I envisioned the idea of 4 overlapping dials. Beyond that I didn’t have any idea where this was going. But once I drew some circles, a layout began to emerge, Normally I’d decide on content first and work on completing the dials. But this time I finished the frame detailing first and only then did I start to have more clarity on how to use the dials. Sort of a different process than my usual so I found it an interesting experiment.

Features include clock dial with date at 12, watch/phone battery at 3 (watch is lower), 60 sec tourbillon at 6, and day of the week and moon phase at 9.

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Very nice!

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looking good, nice with the gold

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Thanks Mattie! And there are 120 layers in that Moonphase… oh wait that’s a different watch.

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thanks Mike!

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i love this, the use of the moving gears at the bottom is stunning.

thanks @liammoneill24 ! If you like the Tourbillon I’ve got a whole collection of them :grin: