[Watch face] B Sharp - Circles

This face is a reflection of some of the things I love about contemporary hand-made mechanical watchmaking. Asymmetry, varied depths, interesting complications, and especially I love the extreme finishing of high-end hand made watches (is there such a thing as low-end hand made watches?) I just saw an IG post with a picture of a tiny gear bracket that was probably no more than 3 or 4mm, the watchmaker showed a before and after finishing picture saying it was about a day and a half’s work to finish/polish that one tiny part!!

Not only are these watchmakers amazing engineers, but as metal artists they are equally brilliant. So as with these watches I admire, I enjoy trying to achieve the digital equivalent of this extreme finishing through the use of different textures and varied depths to the dials and other elements. Anyway, with this design there are a lot of circles used for the analog information spread about with different kinds of detailing. There are 4 design themes included so this is really four faces in one!

There is also an info-rich Hybrid Mode and a subtle lume that glows only after sunset in AOD.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

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Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Yet another quality Face from you kvansant, really impressive, and it’s definitely rockin’ that gold theme :heart_eyes: