[Watch face] B Sharp - Daybreak 🌅

Here’s a special one that was published last week. I published a free edition of this some weeks ago, you can still sync than one, but now here’s a premium version that has 4 completely “hand made” design themes. I’ve also upgraded the clock hands and replaced the seconds dial with a date indicator, and there’s a Hybrid Mode which integrates smart watch info into the orbiting dials.

This design is a full-dial 24HR/ day-might indicator. The dial rotates 360 degrees over 24hrs so while it slow enough you won’t see it moving, every time you look at the watch the dials will be in a different place, but they also rotate themselves to remain upright at all times.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches

Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Nice new “themes” on an already nice watch face!

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Thanks @ThaMattie !

… Maybe I should have called it Nightbreak :crazy_face:

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Always quality Faces from you kvansant, very impressive :+1:

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I just purchased this watchface and I’m having a problem with the weather not updating on my “Samsung Watch Active 2”. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’ve updated the weather app on my Samsung cellphone in hopes of it also updating on my watch. I know it isn’t a defect in my watch because when I update the weather with a Samsung watchface from the Galaxy Store, it updates just as it should.
A Customer of Yours,

hi @titus7212, I appreciate the support! Sorry there’s a weather issue. I don’t have a Samsung up and running at the moment, but I expect it’s an issue with Facer and not my face specifically. If you load another Facer face that has weather is it properly displaying? I know that sometimes when Facer seems to be unable to display sensor data that simply rebooting the watch will fix it. So I’d try that first and see if it clears up. Let me know!

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