[Watch face] B Sharp - For Andrei

a lot of you have already seen this, but I’ll share it here for posterity anyway…

Upon hearing the sad news of our departed friend Lucky Andre I was compelled to make a tribute based on one of his designs. This isn’t the kind of face I normally do, but if I had this sort of idea I would certainly do it :slight_smile: It’s a great design and all credit goes to Andrei, who as you know had some real standouts in his collection. If you aren’t familiar, please check them out! Here’s the link.

This face is not only one of my favorites of his, but also one of the few that I felt I could remake with B Sharp styling and have it look worthy of the effort. It’s nice to see a few other tributes out there too. It’s a pity he can’t see them. I think he’d be touched to know how important we all felt he was to this community.