[Watch face] B Sharp - Horizon + ↔

This one was published earlier in the week. It’s the premium version of a freebie that was released last month.

This version has a lot of color customizations through an easy control menu, and also has the integrated Hybrid Mode for displaying activity tracking and weather info.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

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Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


As brilliant as always, I love it thanks :clap: :+1:


I love glowing hands on any watch, real or virtual, and yours are always exceptionally well made.


The truth is I always like your advertisements@kvansant
and of course the designs of your watches too … :wink: :100:
I congratulate you for the good work !!!


thanks Gizmo!

thanks Peter! making the lume is fun, I really like a nice glow too when it fits the design, but I don’t like to see it during the day which is why I code it to only activate after sunset.

So here’s a question for you since you like lume… Do you prefer to still see the face pretty clearly underneath the glow or have it more blacked out to allow the glow to dominate?


Left or right?

I find that in a dark environment, the screen illumination makes me like the darker face better. If you’re looking at it in a well lit room then don’t like the face so dark. I guess I’m trying to perceive how the natural ambient lighting would be. But for myself, I think I’m in darker spaces more than lighter spaces after sunset so I like the darker blackout of the face :slight_smile:


thanks @cardozo198013 I always appreciate you taking the time to comment. Cheers! Also glad the promo pics are not going unappreciated too! I’m still compelled to make them, but it’s more “work” than the face designing and creating the graphics is :slight_smile:

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Since my watch has AMOLED display, I would prefer the darker one too. Or maybe pick the left for active design, and right for dim mode. No, dim should be even darker :slight_smile:

I like the full on Dim Lume on the right myself…that Face looks pretty cool too kvansant, nice work :+1:

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I hadn’t even thought about having the lume in active mode after sunset with a lighter darkening layer… if that’s what you were saying… that might be an interesting idea for a watch with a big lume like this has.