[Watch Face] B Sharp - Hybrid 1 ๐Ÿ†’

I decided to venture into a full always-visible Hybrid design as opposed to the selectable Hybrid Mode that is the usual B Sharp approach. The prevailing B Sharp concept is analog/mechanical realism, so Iโ€™ve resisted adding digital info into the primary display, (Hybrid Mode allows for bending the realism rules a little bit :grin:). So here the intention is to still have the dial be typical B Sharp luxury analog styling but integrate a realistic glass LCD display. It turns out I do like the hybrid face, so Iโ€™ve already completed Hybrid 2 :slight_smile: But still, I think B Sharp will continue to primarily use a selectable Hybrid Mode in the future.

There are 5 colors, and the hybrid screen can be configured with greenish-blue or black background. The hands can be parked if you need to move them out of the way, and thereโ€™s a cool looking glow to the lume after sunset in dim mode.

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