[Watch Face] B Sharp - Hybrid 2 ๐Ÿ”˜

Iโ€™m starting to warm to the Hybrid concept. Here is Hybrid 2. Again the luxury analog styling makes the opening statement, but instead of the hidden Hybrid Mode typically found on B Sharp faces, here again is a full hybrid with a large digital display continually showing day/date, steps/distance, heart rate, and weather info.

This face can be customized with 3 base dial colors and 5 theme colors which allow for a wide array of looks. The analog hands can also be parked out of the way if they are blocking the info screen. And lastly there is a cool looking lume which glows only after sunset.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches

Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Absolutely Stunning! Looks clean and Elegant!

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Looks good. The lume is really nice.
All it needs is a B# signature nameโ€ฆ I donโ€™t recall any Jazz numbers called Hybrid :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks @ALWatchfaces !

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thanks @ThaMattie For now the hybrids are more of an outlier series unified by the name Hybrid. :smiley: