[Watch Face] B Sharp - Insight (free),1st B Sharp face for Facer

Hi all, I’m happy to share one of my B Sharp original designs for the first time here on Facer.

The B Sharp brand has existed for about a year and a half on the Watchmaker platform with about 30-35 designs published, I’ve decided to try to recreate some of the designs here on Facer. I came to facer for the first time in December to try an entry into the Montblanc contest. I am thrilled and honored to be among the winners!

My philosophy is simply to create analog and hybrid watch faces for smart watch users who love luxury.

For me the essence of luxury is not superficially the cost or how much gold or jewels may adorn something. Rather it is the aura that comes from extreme attention to every detail, and the imprint of the passionate craftsmanship of a master.

My goal with B Sharp watches has been create an aura around the brand identified by the uniqueness of both the art and the craft of the designs.

This face is called Insight, in part because one of the themes included in the original Watchmaker version is partially open worked giving a view under the dial. I hope to be able to offer the full versions of some of my B Sharp faces here on facer in the future. But for now I hope you enjoy this free and still feature-packed version!


Gorgeous texturing!

As a musician I’m not sure I understand the name though. You just like that particular note?

Welcome to Facer.

@petr.patocka thanks!

@AllenMiquel thanks! The name has double meaning, the musical reference, but also in English to “be sharp” is way of saying something/someone is looking good in a stylish way, as in “you’re looking sharp today AllenMiquel!”

For my purposes it can also be thought of as a command: “go forth thou and B Sharp!” :grin:

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I see! I like it! Still don’t quite understand the musical reference :stuck_out_tongue: but I suppose it can just be seen as a coincidence that there happens to be a note called that xD

Yeah there’s nothing really to interpret about the musical reference aspect. The note B# is rarely called that actually :slight_smile: I had thought of calling the brand #9 or b9 which are notes very important in jazz vocabulary, but since the concept of the brand is about looking good, I thought B Sharp was a better fit. And at least there’s still something musical about it.

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welcome on facer @kvansant
Great to have a designer like you here. Even if I was already one of your followers on Insta, it’s great to have such a source of inspiration like B Sharp on facer !

@jeberuth thanks!