[Watch Face] B Sharp - Insight

by now you know I’m a fan of transparent dials :grinning: I’ve published two other editions of this Insight face here on Facer but not this transparent dialed one which is actually the variation responsible for the name. The layout of the complications is asking a lot of the engineering department but I have faith in their brilliance!

Features include central time hands, month, date, day of week, moon phase, power indicator and a lume which glows only at night.

Enjoy this free release! And be sure to follow B Sharp here on Facer and on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches

Stay tuned for a premium version of this face with additional themes and included Hybrid Mode for essential smart watch info. B Sharp makes smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Very nice. So detail. Like it !!!

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Whoaaaa! Great job again!

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Thanks guys!

Very nice!

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thanks Sander!

here’s the lume promo pic for this one :grinning:
… as I mentioned above, the glow only comes on after sunset.


love a good open worked face
love me some lume
double kill!

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Thanks Mattie! enjoy it while you can before the SmartLume :tm: lawyers come after me!

Fantastic work. Well done KVS

thanks Rich!