[Watch Face] B Sharp - Interplay Moonphase

as alternate version of this new release which has a moon phase in place of the tourbillon.
This one’s for you @thamattie …and everyone else too though :slight_smile:


looking good!

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Like this depth effect !

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thanks! Seems like multi-planes is one of the prominent design/layout devices used by modern watch makers. And I like how applying the concept to watch faces can help create a little more 3d realism. A watch that inspired me to go big with the height of raised dials is the Speake-Marin London Chronograph. A lot of watches have similar or greater depth even, but that one really shows how much and otherwise fairly standard 2 sub dial layout can be transformed by adding the depth.

Simply stunning! Great contrast and depth… Does the shadow / depth effect alter with gyro? Richie Mac

thanks Richard! this shadow is static. I experimented with letting shadows be dynamically influenced by gyro on other designs in the past and never really found there to be a net plus. The movement ends up being a bit unnatural and gimmicky, and at typical viewing angle the shadow often recedes lessening the effect I’m going for in the first place. So I tend to apply lighting/shadows from a fixed perspective trying to find the optimal balance between neutrality and drama. Drama looks best in a static picture of the face but the more drama to the lighting the less realistic it is as the watch moves around. But too neutral flattens it out. But that’s the fun/art of it I guess, and where every designer will kind of have his/her own signature.

Hey KV, I’ve found the same. I’ve tried to avoid the whole issue by sticking to ‘flat’ designs, having explored ‘Gyro’ with work on Samsung’s GWD and found the result a little unsatisfactory. Without 3-D parallax, the effect seems to adds highlight artificiality… I’ll just have to create a watch company with 4 OLED transparent screens, layered by 0.25mm, to do your work justice…, calling my mate Elon as I type… :wink:

please ask Elon to frame that with an unmarked stainless steel case!