[Watch Face] B Sharp - Just in Time

This is a new Facer-only variation of a design I created a year or so ago. I always liked how this looked on any of my smart watches. Sometimes I just want to have a good looking, easy to read at a glance timepiece on my wrist.

The interest thing about the texture is it was a happy accident as a result of my first attempt to make a brushed metallic starburst texture. It didn’t come out as I had planned but I loved the result anyway. I used it on the first B Sharp face I published about 2 years ago called Starlight.

The full featured version of this also has multiple themes, Hybrid Mode, and a lume. Add this to the list of those waiting to be brought to Facer if I’m able in the future.



I hope you will continue to please us with such accidents :slight_smile:

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nice texture, and nice watch face!

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