[Watch face] B Sharp - Neptune (free!) 🏊

Here’s a new freebie! Kind of a classic luxury diver style, I mainly wanted to have fun enhancing the dial background which I originally made for my “Jump The Shark” face. But I also wanted to design and make a cathedral hour hand which I hadn’t done before. Most divers are limited to time and sometimes date, but I always like to have power level on the smart watch, so I also added day of the week. The other fun thing about making a diver is of course they have to have a great lume so you can still read it at 100m deep :slight_smile: So extra attention went into this lume which glows only after sunset.

Keep on the lookout for a full featured premium edition of Neptune already deep into development. It will have a few other color choices and a big informative Hybrid Mode display.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches

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That’s really smart, nice work my friend :+1:

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nice wavy background!

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