[Watch face] B Sharp - Open Date ⚪

Here is another one recently published. It’s also one that expands on an earlier free release.
This premium version has 4 themes. 3 have a tinted glass dial over the exposed mechanical date wheels, and the 4th is a slightly modified edition of the “prototype” theme that was in the free version.

Making this face brought together some of the most fun graphics elements for me… making the wheels, and the glass dial, and playing with the lighting/shadows that are unique to glass elements.

There is a large selectable Hybrid Mode overlay with easy to read smart watch info.

I’ve been wearing this one longer than I wear most because I love how it looks on the watch screen. I hope you do too!

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches

Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Very nice, I remember this one, and the Theme picker I’m sure will just go to make it more popular…nice work :clap:

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Looks great!


Looking at the date wheels in the bottom, I was like the Terminator’s garbage truck driver in the opening.
“What the hell?!”.

Then I realized the fan blade in the top is date’s tens digit place, and the rotary dial below it is the singles digit. Smart and surprisingly simple!

I hope in a few years I’ll be able to churn out watch faces at your graphical finesse level, cause for now I can just marvel at them incapable of thinking how I would create one like this if I had to copy it, let alone create something of my own.

Absolute respect, this quality of work is legendary!


thanks @akar.zaephyr !

The date indicator complication in mechanical watches that uses two wheels is called “big date”. There have been a lot of creative and brilliantly engineered solutions, you can google search “big date movement” to see a lot of examples and get some ideas :slight_smile:

I appreciate your kind words about my work, I think legendary is my long term goal :laughing:
Everyone has their own vision and graphics style, just stay true to yourself and faces will speak for themselves :slight_smile: