[Watch Face] B Sharp - Pillangó 🦋

Designers are often asked what is their favorite face, and the answer is often the same… the most recent one :slight_smile: So whether it’s just that, or more, this is one of my favorite faces I’ve made. It’s partly because I sometimes have the most fun with creating arty projects, but I also really like how the color combinations worked out and how great it looks on the watch screen.

It is very customizable so you can mix and match an array of striking colors yet all combinations look like they fit together with purpose. You can also choose moon phase or seconds sub dial. Check the watch guide pics for more details, tap instructions, and a peek at some of the possible configurations. Or try for yourself in the live preview below. Tap the center to open the control menu.

There is also the integrated selectable Hybrid Mode to display essential smart watch info. Mode 1 is fitness tracker, mode 2 is weather.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches
Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Beautiful dude! And the name of the face… :wink: Your girlfriend huh?

@safesz haha, thanks man. My wife actually :slight_smile: she’s Hungarian, we spend every summer in Budapest. …well, not in pandemic times unfortunately. You’re in Hungary too if I remember right?

Yep! That`s why i undertsand this word… Give my best “pálinkás” wishes to her from the ring of Kárpátok :wink: She will understand i think… And grat for the 5k follower… well deserved it, awesome job!

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