[Watch Face] B Sharp - Sidewinder (now published!)

Sidewinder is the name of an iconic composition by the great trumpeter Lee Morgan, and now it’s also the name of this watch. The design merges Art Deco styling with the advances and aesthetics of contemporary high end watchmaking.

This free release features analog time and battery indicator along with the meticulously detailed HD graphics of the dial and fully animated tourbillon to bring maximum mechanical watch beauty and realism to your smart watch!

A future paid version will include additional design themes plus the integrated Hybrid Mode to display additional smart watch info on demand, as shown in the watch guide below.



Very stylish and obviously sharp as usual !

Thanks Julian !

The red texture looks best on this one. Good stuff, my friend!

Thanks, I like the red too, but I also like the other two :slight_smile: I’ve made the full featured version for myself and I like having the option to cycle through the different themes. And i also like having the hybrid mode. Really wish I could bring the full B Sharp experience to Facer!

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