[watch face] B Sharp - Tempus Fugit +

A month or so ago (who knows really, I can’t keep track of Covid time) I published a free version of this face which featured only the black dial and only with the day-of-week sub dial. But the original design was with the micro-rotor which is now on this premium edition. I love visible micro-rotors on real mechanical watches (it’s a little weight that spins freely as the watch moves around continually winding the mainspring that powers automatic watches), and it’s also a cool element on a watch face because it is interactively animated, also rotating as the watch moves.

So this design features the animated micro-rotor framed by your choice of 4 design themes. However, should you prefer, tapping the sub dial switches it back to day of the week :slight_smile: The date is displayed via partially visible wheel, and the battery indicator is always visible.

As always, there is also the selectable B Sharp Hybrid Mode which displays all the essential smart watch info with one tap (steps/distance, heart rate, and weather). I think this one looks great on the watch screen :slight_smile:

Check out the watch guide pics below for more info and tap instructions.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches
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I really love the deep navy blue you used for the last picture :star_struck:

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thanks! Do you mean the dial or the accents? I’m not sure I know which I’d call deep navy :slight_smile:

Hahaha, right “Deep Navy Blue” is not a very accurate color definition :slight_smile:
I thought first both were the same color but with different materials/textures/exposition. The dial with the paper texture is just great and like the accents with the glossy metallic effects.

… and I’m still a big fan of your sunburst background you often use for the main dial, in any colors :wink:
I didn’t success to have such nice rendering with my shaders configurations in Blender … any advices?

Thanks, the starburst is one of my favorites too, and yes I use it all the time :slight_smile: I’ve never used Blender or any other 3d program, but I think that some of the guys who do talk about importing the renders into Photoshop (or Gimp) to do the “finishing” there. Is that what you do? For me textures and lighting have always been a lot of trial and error. But once you get a desired result figured out it goes a lot faster the next time that you need it. Or in the case of a texture (like my starburst) you have that blank already premade and ready to use again and again. At this point my library of 2000x2000px texture and guilloche blanks is pretty large. But it’s always fun to add new ones too.

Thanks @kvansant for your help.
Actually, I don’t like to import the texture I want and then “finalize” it. I prefer the procedural way as it gives more control on the parameters and rendering. For instance, I’m trying to have this texture using the following: starting to make a kind of white star, then applying voronoi filters, directional blur and bump effects, etc.
Test & Fail is my favorite method too … but there I failed too many time :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

there are so many different ways, it’s always interesting to me to see how someone else does it. But I am so unfamiliar with 3d programs I really have no idea about what you’re describing :grin: But your faces all have a look that they are related, that they all came from the same factory, that’s a good thing,… a recognizable style!

What a great compliment, very honored !!! :flushed:
Motivated again to fail with my sunburst tries :wink:

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