[Watch face] B Sharp - Thematic 🌈

This face is maybe a little bit different from typical B Sharp. This time there is only one dial, and all the configurability is in the form of the Facer theme color selector. Sometime minimal can look best! There’s a kind of nifty power indicator joining the date and time in analog mode, and then a cool glass dial overlay for Hybrid Mode which also integrates the theme color.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

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Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Awesome piece of work, well done Sir, very impressive :1st_place_medal:


Buenas tardes Kvansant !
Muy buen estilo de hombre fino, con un buen diseño de batería… :+1: , y también de fondo :+1:
Cordialmente JDCardozo :slightly_smiling_face: