[Watch Face] B Sharp - Travels ✈

Now published, Travels is an easy to read, stylish and customizable GMT traveler’s watch. Through the control menu you can easily configure the look of your watch by independently selecting the base dial color, the 24hr ring color, and the GMT hand color. Mix and match to make your own combinations! There also the GMT hand can be set to a 2nd time zone in +/- one hour increments. (full dual time zone B Sharp face with 1/2 hour increment adjustability is on the way)

Of course there is also the selectable Hybrid Mode for one tap access to essential smart watch info! This is a special expanded edition of the Hybrid Mode with additional info and app launchers useful to the traveler! And lastly there is a realistic lume that glows only after sunset. Check the watch guide pics for more details and tap instructions!

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches
Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


Great one!
The control menu is very clean and clear, love it!

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thanks @jeberuth ! I’ve learned from my own struggles to read text on the watch particularly outdoors to make text elements large and high contrast whenever possible :slight_smile:

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Hey, B love the watch faces that you’ve created. Are you using a Photoshop template to show the watch faces after you’ve created them? If so, can you recommend the template?


Thanks @trey.braid Are you asking about the promo photos or the watch guide pics? I guess the answer is sort of the same. It’s all templates I’ve made for myself. I made a template that I use for the watch guide pics, that saves me a lot of time. The watch case that I use in those pics to frame the faces is something I drew from scratch in PS. And the promo photos are a (growing) collection of templates I’ve made from photos of my own smart watches.

Yes, that’s what I was wondering about. Thanks

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