[Watch face] B Sharp - Trifecta ⚙

Trifecta is another one in the style of what I see in contemporary independent mechanical watchmakers, ingenuitive in-house movements on display with extreme finishing. I finally own a real skeleton watch, and while the hands are set against a busy background of gears and bridges, it’s still easy to read the time because the contrast created by the depth and light. But I’ve found that skeletons tend to be a lot harder to read in the 2d watch screen, so I like to do partial open worked designs a lot more which still give a chance for some mechanical animation but have enough contrast to be easy to read.

This one has 3 color choices and for a completely different looking face, you can “close” the openworked dial. The minute tracks (dots) can be hidden to have more compatibility with some smart watches. There is also the standard B Sharp Hybrid Mode, and an especially nice lume.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

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Todo un MAESTRO !!! De los relojes :trophy::wink::100:

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This ones nice, you’ve done a good job like you normally do…but Hybrid #9 is still my favourite of yours :grin: