[Watch Face] B# - Starlight Hybrid 🌟

Here’s a new one that among other things is great for outdoors use! With the big elements it’s still easy to read even in bright sunlight. I call it Starlight Hybrid because the center texture was one I created and used on my very first published B Sharp design. The texture came about from a failed attempt to create the classic starburst texture which is a very common finish on many watches. But I liked how it looked and called it Starlight instead. I’ve used the texture on a handful of designs now. And I use the term Hybrid in the name here because the selectable Hybrid Mode screens integrate in such a way that for some people that may be they’re primary choice rather than a temporary selection.

Anyway… 7 colors with matching Hybrid Mode screens, and one can choose to override the Hybrid color by tapping 9 to make it a black background. Tapping the center parks the hands out of the way. And the lume is really cool on this one too, as always it only glows after sunset.

***** Check the pics below for more info and tap instructions!

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Looking real sharp and elegant kvansant, nice work :+1:

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thanks @icrltd4 !

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