[Watch Face] B# - Wheels of Time 🎡

Here’s a new one that was a lot of fun to make. I always enjoy faces with exposed calendar wheels and I equally enjoy making the wheels. The process of laying out each wheel to get absolute precision in the sizing and spacing of the lettering feels about as close to actual watch making as we can get in watch face world. I’ve had in mind for a while to do a design like this where everything is displayed by wheels instead of hands. But I wanted the layout to be mechanical plausible so it took me a while to visualize a solution. The other aspect of this face which was fun for me is the glass dial. That’s another thing I always enjoy from a graphics challenge standpoint. I think a few other recently published faces have some glass elements and I’m working on two more at the moment with a lot of glass.

The (optional) seconds hand was kind of an afterthought. It was a little strange to me to look at the watch and see nothing moving, and also I thought it would be helpful to track when to view the face to see the fun transitions as the wheels turn. (particularly at midnight when every wheel is set in motion!) So whereas at first the default was going to be seconds hand hidden, I decided I liked how it tied it all together visually so now the seconds hand is visible by default, but I left the option to hide it.

There is as always a Hybrid Mode for displaying smart watch info. And there is a bluish them and a black/monochrome theme included. *** Check the pics below for tap instructions!

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