[Watch Face] Barrel Trends

-The time window has rotating light blue barrels/drums for Hours, Minutes, & Seconds which line up between the red lines. Most watch faces that I have seen in Facer that have barrels or belt drives, actually use sliding graphics to illustrate the time. In this case, it is all mathematical expressions, which gives me the luxury of adding things like digital zoom, colour changing, rounding to nearest 5th digit in hours and minutes outside of the current time, and then focusing the on the exact time between the red lines.
-Current Weather Condition, which is day/night aware is at the top left, with current temperature and weather station.
-Daily weather forecast condition icons are on the left side of the screen with the daily high/low temperatures graphed above the forecast icons, to show the temperature trends.
-Watch battery level on the bottom. Green if level is above 60%. Yellow if level is between 30 and 60%. Red if level is below 30%.
-Steps is above the watch battery. The person moves left to right as steps increase.
-Current moon phase is below the forecast condition icons.
-Date is below the forecast condition icons.
-Heart rate and am/pm indicator(if applicable) is above the time window.
-OLED, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.