Watch face battery issues

So I created a new watch face recently:

For some reason, the phone battery percent level is not working. When I first sync the face with my watch ( gear s3 frontier), the battery level is accurate, but it sticks there. It does not move with the actual battery level. This goes for both the rotation, and the plain text displaying the %. And yes, there are parentheses around the formula. :smiley:

Also I know that my formula on the 2 green battery level layers are not right, but it was the best I could do lol. If anyone knows a better formula I would love to know it!

It appears to be working in the preview, could you post the code you used so we can help you figure out what’s wrong? Some of the battery meters I’ve made haven’t worked on my friends s2. Not sure if the Samsung S series has issues with battery tags. Does anyone else know?

Sure. For the watch battery rotating green bar, I used “((-7+(#BLN#)))” I had to add the -7+ because the green part went up a bit too high when it was at 100%

For the phone battery rotating green bar, I used “(-((-7+(#PBN#))))” Same issue here with the -7+ but this time I had to add and extra “-” to reflect it 180 degrees to the other side so it would fill up the appropriate bar.

I really had issues with these formulas. I made a watch previously with a hand rotating along the battery gauge and I was able to use something like “(-120+(#BLN#*.24))”. That formula made sense to me because the hand had to rotate 120 degrees left or right from the starting position, depending on the battery level.

On this new watch though, I only need it to rotate a max of 88 degrees but that didn’t work for some reason.

I’m currently at work so I can’t delve deeper into it but have you checked out the great tutorial on here? They can really help understand why the code works.

If you have already checked these out and still need help then I’ll try to help more when I get home later.

Yes I actually used that tutorial for my other watches lol. It is a great tutorial but I am still struggling with the formulas.

Feel free to go into inspector mode and see if you can figure out a better formula because the one I have is close, just not quite right.

Just updated the Facer app and tried to re-sync it with my watch. I even went into edit the watch and updated it and then re-synced it. When I put it on my gear s3 with the facer app, it doesnt even register any battery level. When I send it to my gear with the website on my desktop, it registers only the initial phone battery level, but does not change with time as my real phone battery drops. The watch battery side works fine. Also wanted to mention this is the only face that causes me issues. Other faces with phone battery indicators work just fine. So frustrating!

Yeah honestly I’m not sure, I synced it to my watch and both phone and watch appear to be working just fine. I know that I’ve had issues with Samsung’s S series before with my friends watches. @Tomas do you have any ideas? I think both @Aaron90 and I are struggling with this one.

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Hi there,

the expression in your watch face @Aaron90 seems just to complicated for me :wink:

Let`s try to do it in the way @syntaxracing recommended to you.

In your particular case





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Seems to be working today. I changed the formulas to the ones @Tomas provided. Thank you so much for everyones help!

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I didn’t do a whole lot but your welcome. @Tomas is the true hero, 3 cheers to Tomas!

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