[Watch face] Blue spheres

Realistic background with blue spheres animated. A good thing - repeat it :smile:


I like the spheres, but think it will read better if the text did not change colour, or else not change so often.


I’m in agreement. As a general rule flashing text hinders readability for me, and I guess for me simply looks unpleasant too. But aside from that the design is a nice one!

Thanks @kvansant :slightly_smiling_face:
I will, with your permission, wait for user opinions :face_with_monocle:

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but of course. So far the votes here are unanimous :slight_smile: I sometimes use a flashing heart icon next to the static readout of the heat rate. The heart pulses at the same rate as the reported heart rate. On one face i didn’t quite have room for the icon so I chose to just flash the heart rate number thinking that would make it more obvious what it was without a label… Naturally one of the comments I got was “don’t like the flashing heart rate” :slight_smile:

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