[Watch Face] Bowling Time - mini game with accelerometer

Every watch face I do I try to be outside of the box and this is no exception.

Real bowling simulator timepiece using the accelerometer. Every time you flick your wrist to check the time, you get one swing of the bowling ball and try to get a strike. Keep your wrist level, or you’ll end up in the gutter. This is Canadian 5 pin style bowling folks, in case you are not familiar with it. Since it is a watch face, there is no scoring, just one swing & try to knock the pins down like any other kind of bowing.

I don’t even bowl, but for some reason I thought this would make a fun watch face. As it turns out, it ended up rather cool. (Hint, in the web preview, tap the icon with the small circle surrounded by dots, that will reset the initial view and re-swing the ball. However in the web preview I don’t think the accelerometer is active so you will always be throwing down the middle)

Daily steps are at the top beside the bowling shoes.

In the bowling scoreboard, is the weather forecast for today and the next four days. Todays day of the week is on the left in Green. Daily high and lows are red and blue. Daily forecast weather condition icons are in there as well.

Time is within the bowling pins in the cream coloured boxes. Also in these boxes on the left is the current weather condition (day/night aware) and temperature. On the right is the am/pm indicator, which turns off if you are using 24 hour mode.

Battery level is at the bottom in a bar graph. It will be green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in the middle.


bravo for the effort! I always marvel when someone is able to build a game on a watchface!