Watch face cancelled when i didn't cancel it and Facer issues

This is twice now i bought a watch face then later get an email from Google saying i cancelled it and was refunded. I really loved this face. so now i have to buy it again? why would it do this? this first happened a few months ago. I also have problems where when i take the watch off the charger i just have a plain generic time on the watch and when i try to put my face back on it tells me to apply the facer watchface as if it’s my first time using it. but when i select a face on it it goes back to the generic time. then i have to go to a non facer face then go back to facer to get it to work. only to have it happen again after taking it off the charger. I’m using a Galaxy Watch 4 btw.

Google is for different Faces, not Facer ones, so you’ll have to take that up with them sorry.


then how’s come it was for:

SI | HEXAGON (Facer Watch Faces) $1.99

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Since the Facer app is through Google Play any purchases done through the app are run through Google so they can collect their “fee” for doing nothing except hosting an app and collecting money for it. I’m wondering if the watchface has been deleted due to copyright infringements.

On the charging issue, I make a habit of syncing a Samsung stock face then turn the watch off before I charge it. I’ve not had any issues doing it that way at all.

I don’t know the watchface showed up as $1.99 in my favorites so i bought it again and have it again. only think i can think of in both cases was those two cases are the only ones where i try to buy from the button on my watch when the trial was over and it took me to my phone ot pay. then go back to my watch and the face keep saying it was $1.99 to buy even though i just bought it. like it didn’t get the memo. so i had to switch faces using my phone then got it to work. but then a few days later it gets cancelled in Gplay. and refunded. i never re bought the first one that did that. changed my mind after that because of the annoyance. i just assumed the first time it happened the dev made a change to the watch face and it caused it to get refunded.

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