Watch face changes every time I power up watch

Hi all… love this community. I have a quick question:

Lately, when I power on my watch in the morning, it has a different face on it than when I powered it off. NO… I do not have face shuffle on in the phone app. I am not sure why this happens, but any help would be appreciated. I have a Galaxy 4 Classic with S22 Ultra. Happy watch making y’all.

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Do you have another watch on the same Facer account? I have two GW 5 Pro watches and I have had that same thing happen when I have changed the watchface on one and then later switch to the other watch, it will have the last face I have synced to the other watch.

I do not. I used to have a galaxy s3 classic, but upgraded that watch. I do not have it anymore. So, it is only the S4 classic. It is a more recent issues, so I am wondering if it has anything to do with an update or something similar? Maybe a setting went off that shouldn’t have?

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sorry if this question is uncomfortable but, where did you download that application? That is an error that could be identified in modified applications, even so, if you downloaded it from the Playstore and it gives you that error, it may be that it is outdated or simply the clock cache is full, check the space that is left on your device

Haha, no worries, it is all legit, phone app is from google play store and watch app from samsung. I dont get an error message. It just loads different favorite watch face of mine every morning when i turn it on, another watch face from my favorites is showing that was different from the one i had when i turned it off the night before. Functionality of watch faces are perfectly fine. But it’s just a matter of a different watch face than one i selected shows when i power on watch. I can switch it back to one i prefer, and it will stay like that all day. BUT… when i power it off, and turn it back on next morning, different facer watch face then night before. It is def weird. Maybe i do have to check the cache or something?

then you can check the random interval in the phone app option and also check if the random mode is not active in your watch box. if the problem is not there it could be a bug

Having the same problem with the Samsung 4 Classic. S21 plus.

OK, I think I figured it out. Random was definitely not selected on any of the facer apps (watch or phone). It always seems to be a secondary app that is indirectly tied into something. For me, I have an app called Rally that is from my health insurance. If I accomplish certain health goals, like walk so many miles in a week, I can earn money back. Well, turns out my Rally app was having difficulty syncing with Samsung health, which is where it gets my steps from… and Samsung Health is connected to, you guessed it, my Samsung S4 Classic watch in order to track my steps. After trying to get Rally to sync my step count, the rally app instructed me to delete and reinstall the Rally app itself… once I did, BOOM! The issue with the watch face was no more. Weird, but there was something “misfiring” between Rally app obtaining steps from Samsung Health, which was tied to my smartwatch. Why it affected the watch face? I have no idea. But, it has been like 4 days, and the issue has went away.

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I’m glad you could solve the problem! I have developed faces for the Playstore and for the Samsung store, and I am very sure that this problem originated with wear OS and its policy change regarding sensor permissions. every time Google makes a policy change that involves user information, it ends up affecting even applications that only use sensors… and lately Google is constantly changing its policies and rules for developers


unfortunately google is starting to get harder for developers