[Watch Face] Chevron

This one is just for fun, probably not the easiest way to tell the time but looks interesting on your watch so not sure whether to publish or not.

Any thoughts? :thinking:


I like. It´s unique…

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Very fun watch. I like it. Why not go for it! Never hurts.


Thanks for the feedback chaps

How does it show time, or is that only a draft of your background?
I think Facer requires that there be a working clock in Dim Mode as well.

Hi @Linlay

The outer circle is the seconds hand, the middle circle is the minutes and the inner circle is the hour.
The chevrons/arrows point in the direction of the correct time, hope that makes sense I’m not sure how else to describe it!

It’s still currently a draft and I haven’t added a Dim mode yet but I’m working on it and will before publishing.

Ah, cool! Thanks for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

Actually @Linlay you bring up a good point, I’m not sure Dim mode supports second hands.
@Orion @GAUSS do you know more about this?

@Linlay is right. Dim mode does not support second hands. You can make it show on the Dim screen but it will not rotate when dim.

Thanks @Orion that’s what I thought I had read.
Though I recently saw a face which used the second hand in Dim mode, is that just working in the emulator?


Yes, it only works in the emulator, not in the watch…

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I like it, sometimes visual fun is just that.

If you did want to make the time more readable, I have two suggestions…

You could play with the outer ring (the triangles) making a larger triangle (or say red) to indicate hours and a double triangle to indicate minutes. That way you retain the internal visual while providing a subtle hint at the time that can be read at a glance.

The other way would be to put a very transparent text, fairly small around each ring where the hand would be. Although, that’s not the ideal since it’d impact the face.

Either way, fun watch!

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Ok thanks for clearing that up, that could present a design challenge for Dim mode!

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Thanks for your suggestions @cth4242 I like your ideas and I’ll have a play around to see what works.

What I liked about the original design is when all 3 hands align to make a seemless pattern, but that only happens once per hour for 1 second so the chances of seeing it aren’t very high!

I’ll keep experimenting

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Great minds eh? :smiley: