[Watch Face] Classic Weather Trends

I am really loving the weather graph base I worked on in another thread, and so I wanted to implement it into something of a more classical analogue design. Usually for an analogue watch face I would implement more texture and shadows, but with the unique hybrid nature of this it didn’t seem appropriate. Might save that for another day.

The trend graph shows the next 5 day forecast high average temperature on the left side in red. Similarly, the blue 5 day forecast average low temperature. Then the next 5 days are graphed with a trend line, and individual data points are labelled in white. The forecast condition is at the bottom of the graph. The current condition is on the right side of the screen, along with the current moon phase. The weather station in small green text at the bottom edge.

Other data is heart rate at the top and centre with a pulsing heartbeat. It is red below 55 bpm, and above 140 bpm. It is green between 55 & 105 bpm. It is yellow between 105 & 140 bpm. I am no doctor, so take these colour cues as only interesting data.

Steps are on the top right in a dial graph, that changes from green to yellow to red depending upon the level you reach. Red below 3000, Yellow 3000 to 6000, Green above 6000. The dial maxes out at 10000, but the value goes as high as necessary

Battery level is at the top left.

I chose not to indicate am/pm since the current weather condition indicates whether it is day or night.

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