[Watch Face] Concentricity Specular

What makes this one stand out, is the specular highlights on the hands, that stick with the light source, instead of being static on the hands. It’s a subtle effect that adds realism to the shiny surfaces of the hands as they rotate. The effect is fully appreciated over the course of a complete rotation of each hand. Other features of this face are the working gears, watch and phone battery indicators (watch only in dim mode, moves to the location of the gears), date (replaced with digital time in dim mode), and beautiful styling of the face itself. The hands were originally inspired by those of the Ulysse Nardin Freak, and although the design has moved away from that look, there’s still a subtle nod to the Freak. The second markers on the outer bezel illuminate as the second hand goes around the watch for a nice digital touch. Dim mode is OLED friendly for better battery life. A lot of thought and work went into Concentricity Specular, but it’s still free and available for all Facer users.