[WATCH FACE] DC-3 Swiss Air

I love the C-47 douglas but really especially in its commercial version DC-3 Douglas. The Swiss Air Froissair company really ensures with this zing that I have been able to see flying above my head several times in my life. I wanted to pay him a tribute by offering him a special face.

There is a battery gauge. A step counter. The day of the week under a red card and then under glass at 6 o’clock on the day of the month, as well as one airline badges in center. The locality as well as the outside temperature crucial index before each descent of the device and located at 9H. the weather is 2 hours away.
The Swiss flag at 12 o’clock comes and goes in terms of brightness and opacity. And to perfect it all the DC-3 passes before your eyes when the watch activates …

Tell me what you think

After sending on my watch he got that it was too small all this so I changed the visual level and I think it will be better for all users.


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Cool one ! Like the plane effect :+1:t2:
Maybe could you increase the font size for the dates and steps?

Thank you !
yes I try