Watch face design/collaberation

I would like your opinion on the markers on this face I’m working on. Also, I’ve come up with some ideas for hand and date widows and maybe sub dials. But might be best to keep minimal. But I would love suggestions on hand designs. I was thinking have the same green on the hands. Any help is appreciated. Again, I am thinking minimal. @jmorga106 what do use to make your own hands? I am thinking now that maybe I can use power point @Tomas

Thank you.

I like the glow thing going on… I’ve tried some minimal design choices like this… one thing I’d suggest is figuring out how you want to differentiating between hour and minute.

If it’s the same color, I’d go one of two routes:

  1. Make a hollow square that encompases the tic mark so if it’s 12:12 both indicators line up and its like a bigger tic mark… otherwise it’s normal for the hour and a hollow indicator for the minute.

  2. Make the hour indicator glow/pulse/fade in and out and the minute stays solid.

If you wanted to try something different, you could do a small arc that rotates below the tics to indicate the hour and use the green to rotate for the minutes.

Lots of ways you could go about it really.

This watch definitely has many routes you can take. And you could make a series from this as your base. I hope you can see this as helpful, because I want everyone to succeed.

Here are a couple questions I have:

  1. Visually I am looking in three different areas trying to understand what is what. Does the index need to be there? If yes, than how are the “energy” bars telling me what time it is? If no, than that would give you more space to play. People can understand time with time since the know where 12, 1, 2, 3, hours are, and their brains fill in the rest. And you could change the index to red and create energy bar that lights up at each second (make sense?).
  2. I agree with cth4242 about stacking up the energy for time, have minute and hour stack, larger space for hour or minute. Vice Versa for the other. You wouldn’t need hands this way. You could also create the rotating minute energy bars.
  3. If you do hands, you will start getting crowded in visual space. Most people do their hands in photoshop. I tend to use Illustrator. I heard Blender is another resource but don’t know if you want to add that to your app list.

What did you use to create your energy? I am needing something like that for a watch of mine. Will like to see where you take this.

I appreciate all the inputs so far. I will have to try different things to see what works…I’m not sure how many more layers this watch face can handle…it is 14 layers for each “energy” tick mark. I just used since I can’t use photoshop at work. And added lighter color to each tick mark as layers(8 layers total) then saved each layer as a png and used transparency equations to fade each one (14) per tick mark. Hope that made sense.

I have gotten up in the layers. The issue I find is my browser/computer start struggling. I don’t know what the max layer is, that is where I wish there were folders cause when you have to scroll forever… The great thing about this program is the community support and the just having fun. Thanks for the app info

You don‘t need that much layer for the glowing tickmarks.

4-6 Layer should do the trick.

Get the marks transparent and the plasma effects behind…

i thought about doing something like that in the back ground, then put transparent markers, but i did it individually, your way would have saved me alot of time :slight_smile: still on my learning curve. maybe i will work on that this week to cut back on layers.