Watch Face Designer. Stroke/Shadow does not work correctly!

I’ve used the watch face designer and sent a design from the site to my watch, and any time text uses Stroke or Shadow, it simply does not work. Any time the stroke is used its always shown as the smallest option on the watch, and any time Shadow is used, it’s glitched an looks nothing as it should. Currently using the ticwatch E.

Hi @rum0rplaysit! We’re aware of the issue and looking into a fix. The Ticwatch E and S use a different chipset than most other watches and it’s causing isolated issues with some specific effects. We’re doing our best to fix that as soon as possible but in the meantime we recommend avoiding these if your target watch is the Ticwatch E/S (it should look fine everywhere else though)

Alrighty, Thanks for the info! I didn’t know if it was an issue with the app itself or the watch. I guess its just my issue for buying one of the cheaper watches :stuck_out_tongue:

They are very good watches! just a bit different than others, and we take 100% of the blame for this feature not working. We’ll get it fixed soon though!

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Has this been solved yet? I have the Samsung S2 gear and same thing - I do notice the Shadow on Digital TIME will work but never teh stroke on any of my watches. Would love to know if there is a fix.

Any news on fixing the stroke effects on Ticwatch E?