Watch face "dots"

Hi there,
this is an abstract watch face made in my enforced spare time… (fu… covid-19)

Hours are displayed by a red dot, minutes by a white one. Both show the actuell value by their position inside a grid. When red and white are in the same place, white shrinks…
Hope you enjoy!


Very interesting idea but it takes some time to understand/get used to it.

Sorry… :smile:
But I like the idea to design watch faces that used to be different to common viewing habbits.
I try to use the possibilities we get using modern technic - no minute or hour hands or simple numbers.
But (of course) it´s not possible all the time… :wink:

To be honest, I wouldn’t be wearing it simply for stylistic reasons, but I really like the novel idea and execution! And actually it’s got a nice aesthetic too, your logo fits into the balance perfectly. It’s the single best thing about a smart watch imo, being able to follow your own whims in creating your own faces.

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A particular minimal dial is an understatement, congratulations.