[Watch Face] Escher Circle Limit featured

My first featured face! :smiley:

Facer added my Escher Circle Limit face to the Fun & Unique category.

Guess I should take the compliment for the concept, although the artwork is certainly not mine.
I was actually debating if I should publish this at all …


M.C. Escher artwork / this watch is very nice! :slight_smile:


Thanks @zedonite & @mrantisocialguy

Yes, the work of MC Escher is fascinating!
Unfortunately most of the detail gets lost on a small watch screen.
Will have to see how to best feature some more of his work. I am a bit concerned about copyright issues though, so perhaps I should rather just use some of his principals. Need to put my thinking cap on… :thinking:

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If I were you, better than worrying, just ask so all bases are covered. Keep a copy of your request in case there is no reply, so nobody can say you didn’t ask.

please note: All works by M.C. Escher are copyrighted.
International Copyright laws protect all of the work of M.C. Escher, as well as his spoken and written words. Any reproduction of his work, including downloading, is prohibited without the express written permission of The M.C. Escher Company. If you want to use any of the work of M.C. Escher – as an illustration in a book, magazine, an advertisement campaign, brochure, or on the internet – you must submit a request for Reproduction of Works.


Thanks @Linlay :+1:
Should have guessed that they had a copyright section on their site; I normally just browse the gallery… :blush:
Request submitted.